About the Fabulist:


With a love for reading and writing that started in his youth, Rob has traveled far to get to the place where he can now concentrate on breaking into the horror market.

Born and raised in the “micro-hood” of Portland, Oregon, he grew up as the oldest of three children, the son of a book-lover and a book-hater.

Over the years, he has been victimized by violent attackers, has victimized violent attackers, enlisted and mustered out honorably from the U.S. Army, taught martial arts, worked security, video store clerked, done window washing,  tire retreading, and store stocking.

With writing, it was after two years of freelance stringer work that he tired of non-fiction and decided to use his love of the dark, personal terrors, and talent with words to do something more beneficial for his fellow man–








Super Promo Pic--It's HereIT’S HERE! 

“Sideshow,” published by Visionary Press Collaborative, now available on Kindle (soon to be available in softback and hard!).  To purchase, click here.

Want to learn more?  Read interviews with the authors?  Then do visit the anthology’s site by clicking here.

The Sideshow …

… found on the boardwalk, set up on a grassy field, a Detroit rave, a darkened alley, or on the plains of a blasted future America, tantalizing, forbidden, electrifying beyond imagination.

It is everywhere and every-when.

And at some point, everyone gets a ticket.

The Sideshow …

… a mirror to the blackness inside the human soul.

How dark is your shadow?




Have a book and now need a cover?  Something that’ll give that needed creepy vibe?  Then check out William Cook, an artist that’s also an author, giving him just the insight that’s needed. Just click on the following banner and take a tour of this man’s dark art. bsgfinalbanner



_______________________________________________________________ Visit the site of “Sideshow,” the anthology I’ve edited due out later this year as a 2014 release from Visionary Press Collaborative. Book Cover ______________________________________________________

Hear ye, hear ye! Table of Contents for “Sideshow,” Netbound Publishing’s upcoming anthology, edited by yours truly. What a great group of authors and stories to work with. And with Melissa Stevens as our artist, all I can say is a very mature: Neener-neenerneener. R.M.M.

Corrected Table of Contents (414x640)_____________________________________________________________ March mayhem with stalkers, a longtime staple amongst villains!  And this time around, with Rainstorm Press’s release of: “I’ll Never Go Away–Vol. II” featuring 22-tales of stalking madness, along with a tale of my own, a nasty piece of work called: Till My Death Do Us Part. ill-never-go-away-2Amazon Kindle Edition Here Print soon to come!

Need more of a teaser?

Yes, you do!  Check out the table-of-contents:

Dead Memories, by William Cook Breaking In Two, by Tracy L. Lyall Danny in the Dark, by Tim Reynolds Julie, by Joshua Skye Her Laugh, by Clint Smith Daughter’s Prey, by Dale Eldon Perpetual Pill, by Tom Barlow She’s The One For Me, by Vincenzo Bilof Second Wife, by Rob Bliss Protector, by Rasmenia Massoud Dance With Me, by Rocky Alexander The Art of Angling, by Rebecca Jones-Howe She Could Be The One, by Philip Harris The Refridgerator, by Jonathan Lambert Stranger Calls, by Tyler Miller Njord’s Daughter, by Christina Morgan Watcher In the City, by Derek Muk She Likes Surprises, by Nathan Robinson Cold Like Dead, William Andre Sanders Dear Susan, by Holly Day Biggest Fan, by Tammy A. Branom Till My Death Do Us Part, by Rob M. Miller



fifty shades of decay

Need some stories a bit on the HOT side, and with a side order of something hungry?  Then fifty shades of decay is the answer: 50-stories (plus a bonus tale) of zombie erotica, edited by Stacey Turner of Angelic Knight Press, and with a cover from the incomparable artist (photographer/poet/author) Rebecca Treadway ! (Rebecca’s site can be found here.)

Amazon Kindle Edition here.

Amazon Print Edition here. Smashwords here.

50 Shades of Decay

Table of Contents
Rabbits by Guy Anthony De Marco
Dead Things Don’t Rise by Mandy DeGeit
Love’s Lament by Kate Monroe
Hey, Girl by Erik Williams
To Kiss the Bride by Rebecca Brown
Body Bag by Shaun Meeks
Playing a Game by Eric Stoveken
I Was Legend by Jake Elliot
Lord and Lady by Tarl Hoch
To Lust Beyond by Andrew Freudenberg
Til Decay Do Them Part by J. G. Williams
Love Stinks by Tim Baker
2 is for Taboo by Craig Faustus Buck
Meat by Tim Marquitz
Carnage Kandy by Teresa Hawk
Love Revived by Carrie-Lea Cote
Glory by Jay Wilburn
Subject Zero-Zero by Alex Chase
Die With Your Boots On by Lisa Woods
LOUP by Pepper Scoville
The Long Wait by Steve Lockley
Angel of Mercy by Helena Beasley
Quiet Consummation by Katie Young
Some Like it Rot by John Palisano
Sympathy for the Dead by Celeste Turner & Alex Turner
Beautiful Music by Daisy-Rae Kendrick
Being Superhuman by Angeline Trevena
Stiff by Matthew Scott Baker
Sickness Inside by T. Fox Dunham
Adaptive Foraging Strategies by J. D. Hibbitts
Bill’s Birthday Gift by Lori Sanfranek
Headshot by Frankie Sachs
S. P. Q. R. by Rob M. Miller & Jill S. Behe
Menage a Trauma by Dan Lanerd
Adam & Eve at the End of Days by Mike D. McCarty
Perpetuation of the Species by Blaze McRob
Pretty Kitty’s Post-Apocalyptic Porn Palace by Jolie Chaton
Ron and Lisa’s Good Luck Story by Shawn Erin
Out with a Bang by Laura J. Hickman
First Time by Chad P. Brown
Love in a Laundromat by Megan Elise
Prize of a Fighter by Dale Mitchell
Dying Days: Chris Gray by Armand Rosamilia
Love and the Apocalypse by Thommy Razor
The Zombie and the Cheerleader by Laura Snapp
Something Borrowed by Nicky Peacock
Ravenous by Lisa McCourt Hollar
Raving Diseased by Brett Williams
Her Perfect Lover by C. W. LaSart

The Z-spot by Benjamin Kane Ethridge

Click here to visit author Armand Rosamilia’s Website to read my guest blog about the inspiration for S.P.Q.R.

_____________________________________________________________ How many subplots in a novel are acceptable? YES!  I have an answer.  Curious?  Head over to author Pat Bertram’s site and give the guest blog a peek. Yes, I want a peek! What’s more important?  Talent or Passion? Have an answer?  Bet you do.  To see mine, visit my guest blog at author Pat Bertram’s site: Yes, I want to visit!



Deep Cuts   Newly released! Amazon Print CopyAmazon Kindle Copy Celebrating women in horror, the anthology Deep Cuts, edited by the power-pack trio of: Angel Leigh  McCoy, Chris Marrs, and E.S. Magill (and with an introduction by Lisa Morton!). And what a celebration!  On top of featuring such luminaries as Nancy Holder, Yvonne Navarro, and Mehitobel Wilson, there’s 60 recommended stories written by women.   Check out the table of contents, but be on guard, drool can get messy.


E.S. Magill on Nancy’s Holder’s “Crash Cart” “Crash Cart” by Nancy Holder “The Poison Eater” by Sandra Odell “The Ditch” by Samael Gyre “Practical Necromancy” by Sara Taylor “Awaiting the Captain’s Ghost” by Michael Haynes “Hollow Moments” by R.S. Belcher “Mr. Casey is in the House” by Stephen Woodworth


Chris Marrs on Yvonne Navarro’s “Santa Alma” “Santa Alma” by Yvonne Navarro “Sanctity” by C.W. Smith “Red is the Color of my True Love’s Blood” by Colleen Anderson “Lost Daughters” by James Chambers “Mules” by Ed Kurtz


Angel Leigh McCoy on Mehitobel Wilson’s “The Remains” “The Remains” by Mehitobel Wilson “Beavers” by Rachel Karyo “Lucky Clover” by Kelly A. Harmon “Pinprick” by Scathe meic Beorh “Abby” by Patricia Lillie “Clown Balloons” by Satyros Phil Brucato “I am Victim” by Rob M. Miller


DEEP CUTS ALERT…DEEP CUTS ALERT…DEEP CUTS ALERT…. Want to see a book signing done right? How about a chance to listen to genre icon Nancy Holder? Then seize the moment to listen to Eunice Magill (one of the three editors behind “Deep Cuts,” along with Chris Marrs and Angel Leigh McCoy), Nancy Holder (who talks about her brain-scarring story “Crash Cart,” and “Deep Cuts” story contributor Stephen Woodworth, who shares some insider-information about his offering “Mr. Casey is in the House.” So wish I could’ve been in attendance; they had champagne, cider, and cupcakes, with little accompanying plastic knives. P.S.:  During the signing, just a bit after the 58-minute mark, I get a shout out for my story “I Am Victim.”  I mean: WOW!  With the book’s other 18-authors, and loads of story recommendations authored by women artists, it’s probably the only shout I’m going to get.  Can’t express how much a pleasure it is to be sharing pages with so many talented artists and icons. WHOOP WHOOP! R.M.M. [youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vKJbnuYZ20Y’] _______________________________________________________________

What a fantastic Robtober!

Two pieces published, one a short story, the other a poem. The first, a dark framing story titled Mr. Twinx, out now in Angelic Knight Press’s “Satan’s Toybox: Terrifying Teddies,” the third, and perhaps final book in the Satan’s Toybox line. Amazon Paperback Copy  Amazon Kindle Copy

Mind’s Fright, a poetic nightmare, can be found in “Phobia,” by Black Hound Digital Press.

Amazon Kindle Copy



If so, then you’ve got to check out the new site of my friend, author James Francis Smith:www.theirish-americanstory.com     With multiple books, Smith profiles the history of the Irish, from the days of the Celts, to Irish American involvement in the Civil War, World Wars I and II, Korea, Viet Nam, and beyond.  If historical fiction is your bag, if the Irish story holds an interest, then this site is a must visit, and Jim’s books a worthy read.  Go take a peek, and have some fun. R.M.M. ________________________________________________________________   Big SHOUT-OUT of a thank you to: Marian Youngblood, for hosting a guest blog from yours truly.  The Piece?  Pick a Card, Any Card can be found here. _______________________________________________________________


“For The Love of Boys,” in the Smart Rhino Publications release:

Yes, you got it: This book will blow you away.

Hired killers. Vigilantes. Executioners. Paid killers or assassins working from a moral or political motivation. You’ll find them all in this thrilling anthology. But these are not ordinary killers, not your run-of-the-mill hitmen. The emphasis is on the “uncommon” here—unusual characters, unusual situations, and especially unusual means of killing. Here are 23 tales by some of the best suspense/thriller writers today. The stories range from historical fiction to science fiction topolitical thriller—there’s even an alternate history story in the mix. Enjoy! Stephen England  Nightshade J. Gregory Smith  The Pepper Tyrant Lisa Mannetti  Everybody Wins Ken Goldman  Fat Larry’s Night With the Alligators Christine Morgan  Thyf‘s Tale Matt Hilton  Misconceptions Billie Sue Mosiman  Second Amendment Solution Ken Bruen  Killer

Rob M. Miller  For the Love of Boys

Monica J. O’Rourke  Bloodshed Fred F. Paul Wilson  Slasher Joseph Badal  Fire & Ice Doug Blakeslee  Madame Elliott Capon  The Man Who Shot Hitler Laura DiSilverio Mercy Killing Michael Bailey  Scrub James S. Dorr  The Wellmaster’s Daughter Jonathan Templar  Wish I’d Never Met You J. Carson Black  The Bluelight Special Weldon Burge  Hearing Mildred Al Boudreau  Inside Out Charles Colyott  Katakiuchi Lynn Mann  Taking Care of Business   Where can you get it? Print Copy Kindle Edition