Rob’s Critical Review: “The Weaponer,” by Eric S. Brown

“The Weaponer” by Eric Brown deserves all the plugs it’s gotten, and then some. Would love to write some kind of rave review, but really, all a potential reader needs to do is read the introduction to the work.

It’s a wonderful find when a work lives up to one’s expectations, but with “The Weaponer,” the work surpasses even these. And why? Because despite the Western and Zombie fusion–which is, in itself, an incredible accomplishment–Brown’s managed to produce a very human story. It’s because of this same reason that AMC’s “The Walking Dead” has been such a hit.

Were I to have any criticism of the piece, it would be that upon finishing the work, I was left thirsty for more … more of the story’s protagonist, but more-so, for more of the world. It’s my hope that Brown eventually decides to expand upon this universe, if not in a novel-length work, then perhaps in a collection of stories.

Not since reading King’s “Wizard and Glass” have I found such a setting that so well mixes the Western theme with something so powerfully real and speculative.

For Brown, what compliment can I give?

One would be that I wish I’d written the story. The second would be that there’s no way I could have.

Mr. Brown, thank you.

Next time, make it a bit longer.



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