Fellow author and blog sites

Donna-Lee Anderson, Well Told Tales

Jill Behe, The Rebel Writer

Sherry Benic: Raise Your Hand If

Pat Bertram

Carson Buckingham

Weldon Burge


William Cook

Don D’Ammassa, at Critical Mass

Ray Garton

Carol Gill, at:  Here There Be Monsters

Lisa McCourt Hollar, at Jezri’s Nightmares

Janelle Meraz Hooper

E.A. Irwin, at Dark Fiction Bender

Charlee Jacob

Jaime Johnesee

Brian Knight

J.A. Konrath/Jack Kilborn

Allan Leverone

Lori R. Lopez, Trilllogic Innoventions

Jonathan Maberry

Paul Mannering, at: Broken Sea Audio Productions

Tim Marquitz

Billie Sue Mossiman

Scott Nicholson, at Haunted Computer

Jenell Nyberg, at Bok Choy’s Bike Ride

Shannon O’Donnell, at Finding Grace Within

Weston Ochse, at Living Dangerously

Lee Pletzers, at Kobe Fiction

Armand Rosamilia

John Skipp

Michael Slade, at Special X.Net

James Francis Smith, at The Irish-American Story

Karen E. Taylor

Stacey Turner, at What Passes for Sane on a Crazy Day

Robert Shane Wilson, at Shining In Crimson

Trent Zelazny

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