Guns, Injuries, and Timelines

Injuries and Wounds.  Ouch, that hurt!

Has someone in your story gotten hurt?  Need to write what realistically happens when it comes to injury?

Of course you do.

And with that, a bit of research goes a long way towards making your story believable.

To that end, give this resource a peek.  It’s worth the time.

Writing Realistic Injuries, click here.



Yep, we gotta love ’em.  Especially when it comes to our stories.  But what happens when a reader sees your character firing a bolt-action rifle on automatic, or putting a silencer–which is really a “sound suppressor”–on the end of your revolver?  Your story falls apart, that’s what.

Research is key.  I encourage all my writing comrades-in-arms to find a gun expert, to collect sites detailing needed information–all that.  And to help, I’m going to offer this incredible link: The Internet Movie Firearms Database, a boon of a site, detailing every firearm ever portrayed on film, what the weapon is, it’s detailed specifications, etc.  If you’re looking for gun info, and have seen something you’re looking for in a film, then this site’s an absolute must-have in your writer’s toolkit.

Give this one a visit.  But be careful, you can get lost there for hours.



Are you writing a historical non-fiction work, a piece of historical fiction?  How about just a piece taking place in Bible-belt America, 1945?  Tough to know what’s what, especially since we weren’t there.  But there is information available.  Check out these various timelines, and see if any meet your need.  And for that matter, if you find some online timeline resources, don’t be afraid to forward them to me at:

Literature Timeline, at:

Food Timeline, at:

Popular Culture Timeline:

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